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Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
been saying. barack obama oppose the plan is not working and we need to go a different direction. if it is lower than 8%, if it is significantly lower, it reinforces what obama has been saying. >> remember, all along the campaign season voters have said there are two issues that are the most important to them -- the economy and jobs. we will find out more about how both doing in about two and a half hours when the report comes out. >> it is 6:10 and 42 degrees at vw eyed. if you are one who hates the new timeline, you may be in luck. -- 42 degrees at bwi. >> after being caught up in one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history, good news for victims recovering from injuries colorado. >> traffic tied up in several locations because of water main breaks. what to it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job... which keeps wholesalers in business... and that means more delivery companies... making deliveries to more restaurants... which hire more workers. and that mean
Oct 31, 2012 6:00am EDT
in the wake of the storm. president obama will be here later today. report for wbal-tv 11 news. >> just amazing to look at those pictures. >> unbelievable. 6:10. could have ah positive effect on the job market. >> is the plans to buy one of the big movie franchisees of all time -- disney plans to buy one of the biggest movie franchises. >> i will show you a satellite picture and you'll like it. the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> things are starting to return to normal on the area roads. a word of an accident in the >> welcome back. 6:14. 45 degrees downtown. it will be a little chilly but things will settle down and we don't expect any trouble for trick-or-treating appeared there are some flood warnings and advisers in the faeffect. it takes a long time for the water to run off. it will take a couple of days to drain down into the bay and into the ocean. there could be some minor flooding in a few neighborhoods. it is chilly. 41 at the airport. 38 in parkton. 42 in rock hall. take a heavier jacket this morning. you can see the center of the storm through pennsylvania right now. it
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
the refinery came loose from the storm. president obama promised federal help. for new jersey. >> we go through tough times but we bounced back. the reason we bounceback is because we look out for one another. we don't leave anybody behind. >> getting back to life as usual is complicated, creating long lines for food and gas. >> we are coming back, definitely, without a doubt, we are coming back, all of us, together. >> across the northeast, communities are refusing to quit until their lives are restored. millions of people are beginning their third day without power especially for those cut off from their homes along the jersey shore. the recovery can happen soon enough. >> after dodging a bullet here at home, many of those are ready to spring into action to help by heading north to help the recovery. >> good morning, five baltimore city paramedics are leaving today as part of a team leading first thing this morning to go to new jersey to help. they are going to be helping thousands of people that are surrounded by water and in desperate need of medical care. they have seen the devastating pic
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3